Saturday, March 14, 2009

Some Old and Some New

Have you heard the news? The April/May issue of Sew News has a blip called "Technique TV". SandraBetzina is putting her videos on-line. At, there are three free introductory episodes, which run 15-20 minutes each. There's a list of upcoming shows on her website that can be purchased in bundles, and a "pay per view" option also. I haven't watched the free videos yet, but will right away.

Here's my little Singer Featherweight machine, circa 1936. Several years ago, when I was heavily into quilting, these machines were re-discovered by quilters, and soon became THE machine to have. Their popularity grew as well as their price tags. I bought mine for $25.00. YES--$25.00. Perfect condition, with owner manual, carrying case and accessories. There was an invoice in the case from the last time it was serviced which was in the 70's. It hadn't been used since. I love this machine. It still sews like a dream. When I sew on her, I wonder what all she made for her previous owner.

This is my Singer treadle. She resides in the living room. The cabinet is beautiful. The quilt above is a Lone Star I made, completely by hand.

These unusual looking things are an awl and a point turner. ChristineJonson's husband, who is a blacksmith made these tools. They are for sale on her website. I love how they feel. And although they're not old, they have an antique look.

Today, I received an old book in the mail.
This is first edition Reader's Digest sewing book. I'm going to sit tonight and peruse it, along with the new Threads and Sew News magazines. Oh, and read your blogs!

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Julia said...

That quilt is awesome. I also like old things. I learned to sew on my grandmother's treadle machine. I am going to get 2 treadle machines shortly from my SIL whose DH's family left them to him. I also have my Dh's grandmother's machine. Not a treadle, but old nevertheless. I've never tried to sew on it. I'd say it works perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen: Your new book has been a life saver for me when I had to upholster mattresses for our new preschool. It was the only book to have the techniques all laid out. Good reference!

Faye Lewis said...

Thank you Gwen!

Anonymous said...

This book is ah-mazing, I stole it off my mum's bookshelf 5 years ago, anytime I'm stuck, it's my go to. Guard it with your life!

I am Arizona; a person, not a place. said...

I hear you about the Featherweight. The 301 has the same popularity and price tag. Luckily, I found my 301 at an estate sale....for $25. And it came with a briefcase full of attachments. Beautiful machine. The woman who sold it to me said it was her mother's and that her mother loved it. After I brought it home an used it I understood why. Its a fabulous machine. I often wonder what the previous owner was like and what she sewed. Hopefully she's happy I ended up with her machine. I love it.

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