Thursday, March 12, 2009

Machine Embroidered Jacket

I've had an embroidery machine for many years. When Bernina introduced its first Deco, I bought it. Still have it. It lives in a closet. Later, I bought a TOL embroidery/sewing machine. Love the machine, but the embroidery side of it I haven't used like I thought I would. That happens sometimes. Just have to have something, then don't use it.

I've had some issues with the machine embroidery explosion that's been going on the last few years. For one thing, it just got done to death. I mean, must every surface have an embroidery on it? I was determined I would not wear Mickey Mouse on my chest, or other "cutesy" type designs that, to me, look ridiculous on a middle aged woman. Of course, this is just one woman's opinion, as witnessed by the number of sweatshirts sprouting Disney characters!

On the other hand, I've seen some tasteful machine embroidery. Some even beautiful. It is a medium that can add another dimension to one's garments or home dec. It's also fun. It's also expensive.

Having said that, here is a black jacket that I made, and heavily embroidered.
This is a jeans jacket pattern, lengthened. The fabric is black linen-look poly, with facings in red of the same fabric line . It's underlined with red lining fabric.

Top-stitching is done in red thread. Red snaps are from Snapsource. Any time I need a snap closure-those are what I use.

The embroidery designs are called "Crystal Florals II" and are from Elsasdesigns. There is embroidery on the front yokes, back yoke, collar, sleeve cuffs, and a tab on the side seam.

Here a detail of the cuffs and side tabs:
It took some time to do this embroidery. I traced an outline of each pattern piece that I wanted to embroider, onto the right side of the fabric. Then, hooped and centered the designs accordingly. After the embroidery was complete, I assembled the jacket.
I was pleased at the end result. But, it's not Mickey Mouse!

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Anonymous said...

How lovely! The way you used the embroidery lends just the right "designer" touch!

..and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment!

Bunny said...

I like this jacket. Your use of topstitching balances the embroidery and keeps it from having that overdone look. Nice design!

I agree with you about it being overdone. I do like many of the monograms I have seen and some really creative uses of the craft but for the most part I find it just not my cup of tea. In the jacket above you have mastered a really tasteful look.

Birgitte said...

That looks great! From afar it reminds me a bit of a traditional costume from one of the many Norwegian areas. Beautiful.

I don't do the Mickey Mouse either. It has to be something that enhances the overall design, which you did perfectly with your jacket.

Julia said...

That is beautiful. I love the design and the jacket pattern. I don't have an embroidery machine. I started to buy one once and when it was being demonstrated to me, I had an AH HA moment and realized that I was not having fun watching the machine embroider for me. I like to hand embroider. Of course, mine doesn't look professional, but hand done. I do sometimes wish I machine for monograming, though.

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