Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Big Bad Beaded Buttons

Thank you to those who commented on my post yesterday concerning my daughter's coat. I loved making it for her.

Previously, I spoke of Christine Reilly--the bead embroiderer extraordinaire. One of the classes she taught is "beaded buttons". These begin with a covered button form-3/4" and up are good sizes. The form is covered with fabric, as covered buttons are normally made, with the addition of a layer of lightweight quilt batting under the fabric. That pads the surface for embroidery.

In the samples above, the buttons are large--2". They aren't meant to be used as closures. I attach them to my garment using a button pin on the backside. The white button is actually lace with beads embroidered on top, and beaded fringe dangling.

In the center of both of the buttons is what is called a "crown rim setting". A round crystal is "fixed" by beading around it with seed beads, securing the crystal. NO GLUE! Around the exterior of the buttons, I made a beaded ruffle. These are fun, and can match any garment.

I have a lot of beading books. Here's a photo of just a few:

Another person who does absolutely fabulous bead-work is

RobinAtkins. Her beaded buttons are completely covered with beads. Gorgeous!

And last, here's beaded motif that I intend to mount and frame one of these days. I copied the design out a book, and bead-embroidered it. It was a sample to teach myself some techniques.

Now, back to my beads.

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Birgitte said...

Your beadwork is glorious!

Anonymous said...

I love the motif! Fabulous work, and I can absolutely see the buttons on a coat as a decorative touch or a brooch for a scarf.

Julia said...

Those buttons are wonderful! I love buttons, but never would have thought of beading them. I actually have never tried beading. It sounds like fun though. I would love to learn. Where in TN did your beading teacher move?
I have thought about going into business with my children's clothing. I have sold a few things. Right now I don't have time, but after this part time teaching job is over I may consider getting serious. Thanks for the encouragement!!

Julia said...

Thanks, Morriistown isn't too far from me. Enjoy those boys

Linda L said...

Gorgeous beads, I came to this post from your jacket posting. Great idea!

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