Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cutting Up

I cut out the spring coat. I have some misgivings about the fabric. I got it off the grab table at one of my sewing groups. It's definitely some type of plastic. I believe it's someones drapes, actually. Hey, if Scarlet can wear drapes, so can I. I love to buy quality fabric, but sometimes it's just fun to make something out of nothing. Besides, I love the color.

As I was cutting, I knew the fabric needed underlining. To the fabric store, where I purchased batiste. Got that washed and ironed. I cut out underlining for the fronts and basted it on. Good to go. I'm a big fan of underlining. It really helps give a wimpy fabric some body.

Back to those fussy applied welt pockets. Today, I made a sample out of the scraps. Here is the welt.

And the inside:

The practice pocket turned out great. The fabric is not easy to work with, has no give, and frays when you look at it. But if the pockets turn out this well on the coat, I'll be happy.
Humm, I wonder if Scarlet made applied welt pockets on her dress?

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Julia said...

I think Scarlett had a great idea to make a dress out of draperies. I can't wait to see your jacket all made up. As you know I love to reuse fabric things and make them into something all new. Welt pockets!! I should have put them in Little Man's jacket but by the time I got to that part I was feeling lazy. You are a talented lady!

Lisa H. said...

Those welt pocket are looking good.I'm looking forward to seeing the finished coat. You have delightful sense of humor.

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