Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Out Of My Closet

This is an OOP pattern from Hot Patterns, called "Maharajah Jacket". The photo isn't good--doesn't show the garment to it's best advantage. It looks sloppy on the hanger, but it's not at all. It has a nice fit, and there are no wrinkles in it, as it shows in the photo.

The fabric is a wool blend in a dark olive green color. There are several rows of top-stitching on the neckline edge, down the center fronts, and on the sleeve hems. It has interesting slash pockets on the front, and is fastened with buttons and button loops.

I'm always trying to find unusual ways to embellish a garment. For this one, I made a "fabric corsage". Here's a detail:
I made 1/4" fabric tubes. I began to spiral the tubes in a circle, pinning them to a padded board. Each circle is then hand-stitched across the circumference in several sections, securing the tubes so that the circles maintain their shape. That becomes the back side of the circles. It's similar to making Chinese frog closures.

Three circles were stitched to the garment, along with two fabric tubes hanging from them, with large beads on the ends.

I LOVE Hot Patterns. This is one of my favorite jackets. I was sorry that they discontinued the pattern.. The sleeves tend to run quite slim in most of the Hot Patterns designs. They don't fit my middle-age arms, so I have to increase the sleeve width, but that's an easy alteration. Their designs are unique. I must subscribe to BWOF magazine one of these days, since their designs are also different from the big three.

I will try to get a photo wearing this garment soon. Clothes are not made to fit hangers!

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Julia said...

This is amazingly beautiful. I bet it really does look good on you. Thanks for signing on to follow my blog.

Uta said...

What a beautiful jacket! As you know, I'm partial to anything green, and I adore those embellishments. Please show us more of your projects!

Deborah M. said...

I love that jacket. The embellishments are just great, they really set a garment apart. I'm always looking for ideas because I have no originality at all. I will keep following your blog!

Patricia said...

What a great jacket. I love the topstitching and the embellishment at the neckline.

Anonymous said...

Love the embellishment you used , thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This is completely classy - the colour the topstitching the embellishment - really stunning

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