Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fringed Buttonholes

I have a new camera. I'm not a photographer in any sense of the word (nor am I a writer). My husband has a nice camera that I've been using, but it's big and doesn't fit in my purse or pocket. Yesterday he asked if I would like a small camera to carry about. Now I have one of my own. Yay! If I could figure out how to post my pictures where I want them, and get them to stay there, AND enlarge when clicked, my stress level would decrease.

Here's a jacket pattern by DarleneMiller, who teaches dressing the various body types. She has a few basic patterns for each body shape. My shape is a triangle, thus the name of the pattern, "Triangle Jacket". Well, to interject here--my person started out as a triangle, but each year it evolves and morphs until it has its own uniqueness!

To the pattern I added "half belts" at the waistline. They are sewn into the side seams and fastened to the fronts. I added small vest buckles to the strips of fabric, which are frayed.

I made what I call "fringed buttonholes". These are separate squares of fabric, each with a buttonhole in the center and frayed on all four sides. The squares slip over the buttoned jacket. Here's a detail:

This idea came from an old sewing book, "The Bishop Method of Clothing Construction". This book was published in 1959, written by Edna Bryte Bishop, the developer of the Bishop method, and Marjorie Arch. I found this book and its sequel, "Fashion Sewing by the Bishop Method" in a used bookstore for a couple of dollars. These are wonderful old volumes, and can still be found on used bookstore websites. Since vintage garments are so hot right now, the out-of-date clothing doesn't look unreasonable, at all.

Can anyone tell me how to get control over these photos? I'm not at all happy how they are laid out, but don't know what to do about it. Still, I want to continue to blog, without this being a major hang-up.
I will put up a photo of my face when it looks better than it does tonight. Believe me, no one wants to see it as it is now!
I hope to get to my sewing room tomorrow. I'd like to get started on the spring coat before the season is over!

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Claire S. said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I know I'm really lucky to have access to so much stuff. I live in Montreal and we go to Toronto a few times a year - got to go to the fabric district in Toronto for the first time last summer. Now it'll be a regular stop !

I like your jacket.

All of these pictures enlarge when you click on them, so you're making progress. I'm still getting the hang of making my posts look just like I want them to.

Julia said...

I love those buttonholes!! So unique. It took me a while to figure out how to post photos and get them where I wanted them to be, etc.... I'm still learning with every new post I do. Luckily, I have two daughters who have been blogging for a long time and they have been very helpful to me. Your post looks good , though.

Anonymous said...

Love those buttonhole embellishments! I've just found your blog (thanks for your comment on my blog) and I will be following. The red jacket looks fantastic!

Ruth said...

Regarding the photos,I got tired of trying to "fix" mine on every post, and now I just do all pictures centered.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I've been enjoying yours and seeing your lovely handiwork. You do fabulous work. I'm very impressed.

sewbarbie said...

Gwen, I love these books as well. I recently found them and they are packed with fantastic instruction and inspiration too. I'm going to use the technique on a vintage McCall's pattern.


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