Saturday, March 7, 2009

Beads and Things

I LOVE beads and sequins. Sometimes, I just need a little bling in my life. Put those shiny things on fabric and what could be better?

I took beaded embroidery classes from ChristineReilly, who does gorgeous work. She had a business in Michigan, but moved to Tennessee. We miss her. I've taught some classes at my neighborhood ASG group. Some people find handwork tedious. Others need a little handwork "fix" now and then. I am one of those.

This is a project I'm working on--a beaded evening bag. This bag is called "Noriko" -a free project from LazyGirl blog. There are four identical sides to this bag. I'm making mine from an ivory background/black geometric printed fabric and beading it with black bugles, seed beads and sequins.

Black beads on black print are subtle, but pretty when the light hits them. I found a method to keep the beads under control, so they don't spill. I cut a piece of Contact shelf liner (adhesive stabilizers or any other stick-back paper will work), and peel off the backing. Pin the Contact adhesive-side up to a padded board, such as one of the June Tailor boards. The beads can be spread out on the adhesive side of the Contact, and they stay put! Here is a picture of my board, with the project in progress.

Pinned to the board are a piece of felt with needles and a package of needle threaders. I can pick up this board and move it from room to room without the beads spilling. This particular board is 18"x24".

I'm thinking of adding a flap to the top of this bag and some type of closure. Red lining. Then, there's the handle to consider. Eventually it will all pull together.

Bye for now.

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Julia said...

You are one creative lady!! That's beautiful!

Julia said...

Yes, I know I already left you a message. It is so hard to sew for these little boys. I have 3 daughters and 4 grandaughters and now, one little grandson. He's only 9 mos. old so I haven;t had much experience yet. I'd love to see some of the things you've done for yours.
At least your beading teacher moved to a wonderful place: Tennessee.

Unknown said...

Love that black and ivory fabric, perfect for a subtle beading addition. That's something I'd like to try to learn and do more of. I'm also in Michigan, saw your post at Lindsay T, and just wanted to say "Hi". I'm in North Oakland County, what island are you on? Also love your embellisments (buttonholes and corsage)!

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