Monday, March 18, 2013

Wait For Me!!

I'm going with the rest of you to Bloglovin'!

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Unknown said...

Gotcha baby, a long time ago. A devoted SFD sewer here and I look for your self designed styles. So much easier than packaged patterns. I've moved 20 times in 30 years of marriage, so I feel your pain about that subject. Next year we are moving from the middle east back to the states. Yikkers. Overwhelming to contemplate. Best of luck. Be strong.

becki-c said...

I would love to keep in touch, I love reading you post and keeping up with your sewing. The link doesn't seem to work, perhaps its my Macbook?

sdBev said...

The link didn't work!

Rose said...

I'm catching up with my blog reading and finding that I really am behind the times. Everyone seems to be moving - physically and with their blogs. I don't believe that I ever congratulated you about your beautiful jacket in Threads. I'm proud to know you - even if only through blogs. Good luck with the move! I'm checking out Bloglovin now.

Kyle said...

Windows 8, Bloglovin', what else is next that you can teach me??? (I finally ordered the Windows 8 book tonight)...(still need to check out bloglovin')....

Anonymous said...

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