Thursday, November 19, 2009

T-Shirts, Patterns and Bargains

What can you say about a T-shirt that hasn't already been said?  They are what they are.  They are also exactly what I need.   I cut out 5 at once, stacked them and sewed them.

I ordered two shirt patterns from Hot Patterns.

Their Great White Shirt and Princess Shirt. 

At one of my recent sewing meetings, I picked up a few old issues of Burda magazine.  They range in years from 1996-2004.  I also scored two pieces of really nice wool fabrics.  There is three yards of a solid, charcoal gray, and three yards of a loosely woven gray with a small black stripe.

It was a pretty good buy at $3.00.

I started cutting out a shirt today, and will continue tomorrow.  I'm playing with the new formatting Blogger offers. The photos  load easier, where you want them instead of having to move them about.  So far, so good.   However, when I hit "Publish", I don't know what I'll get!  We'll see.  I can't find a spell-checker, so hopefully there's no typos.

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The Sewing and Knitting Loft said...

Love your T's! The crossword puzzle one is really cute. It is not every day you see that fabric.

Aminat said...

All the Ts are lovely and what a deal you got on those BWOF mag....

Lori said...

Great looking fabric for your t-shirts and what a bargain you found.

shams said...

Great Ts! That crossword fabric is a hoot. :)

Enjoy those Burdas! What a deal!

Trudy said...

Love the fabrics you chose for the t-shirts. What a great idea cutting them all out at once.

Eugenia said...

Those t-shirts are great - I love the batch sewing idea. Nice finds with the Burda magazines and wool fabric

julia said...

Yes, tshirts are a staple in our wardrobes. I love your fabric choices. What a buy on the magazines.

Faye Lewis said...

Thanks for the comment on my top. I know what you mean, this animal print fabric was a poly/lycra knit and it was a mess to sew.

Jean said...

Great finds, especially the older copies of Burda. Your crossword puzzle t-shirt is so cool!

Funnt T-Shirts said...

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