Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Great White Shirt

I joined the above sew along at PR. I had scoured the Internet, looking for embellishment ideas for white shirts. I found one shirt at Coldwater Creek that I liked. It had wavy tucks down the fronts. Wavy tucks, or Mexican tucks--whatever one calls them, are tucks that are stitched across, then reversed direction and stitched down the opposite way at 3-4" apart.

The tucks on the Coldwater shirt appear to be 3/8" wide, approximately, with a little space in between. The wavy tucks are released at the waist, so there's a bit of fullness underneath.

Here's the photo.

Sometimes, the best laid plans--!! I made a sample of this technique, and while it is very much like the photo at CC, I don't like it. It just isn't making me happy. Maybe if made into a
garment, it would look like I had it pictured.

So, it's back to the drawing board.

I have a lot of shirt patterns. I mean--a lot! And still, I continue to buy them, as if I were going to make all of them! I narrowed it down to 3 patterns for the sew-along:

Two are Palmer/Pletsch--M3284 and M5630. The other is S3684. I've made all of them previously. I'm leaning toward the Simplicity pattern. I made the version with the yoke in yellow cotton. I have a white tone-on-tone cotton that would work up nicely in the same pattern. Although I like feminine blouses, I also like "boy" type shirts, traditional with back yoke, front placket and collar/band.

Whatever--I want to get going on something. For some reason, I've been stymied on this project. I dunno why. Just because. I haven't been able to get my head into it--yet.

Here are the patterns I bought at the last Jo's Simplicity sale:

S2807 is a Runway blouse pattern, with a lot of variations. Very nice for a feminine top. S2612 is another Runway pattern, skirt and top. S2594 is a top with neckline variations, one being a cowl that I like.

There are 2 pants patterns, called "Amazing Fit". S2860 and S2562 have variations for slim, regular and curvy fit. I think that is an absolutely GREAT idea. Hooray for Simplicity! Guess which fit I am? Humm?

I will think about the white shirt some more. I have several patterns fit, so it shouldn't be such a big deal. Choose something and sew for goodness sake! Quit procrastinating. Make a decision. Shees!

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Nancy K said...

Sometimes it just doesn't work. Better before than after! Did you see the Threads issues on the white shirt? Some interesting ideas.

Unknown said...

First of all, great shirt patterns!! I wanted to say that I think you're right about the 60s a-line dress. It does seem to suit me and I really do love that look. Of course, I absolutely adore 50s day dresses, but something about the clean lines of the dresses in the 60s. I actually felt like a stewardess in the Eiffel Tower dress though.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the reminder... a great white shirt is a staple in any wardrobe, and I should make some time this summer to add one to mine! Good luck with yours!!!

Julia said...

I love the way the wavy tucks look and think they would be great on a white shirt! But, you have to be happy with it for yourself. I really like all your pattern choices. I would definitely fit under the curvy fit pants!
I hope things are going better for your MIL. I know how stressful this can be. To give you back advice that you gave me, remember to take care of yourself through all this.
My mom is better, but for some unknown reason the dr. at the hospital took her off some of her meds that she really needs. The nurses are trying to get them all straightened out.
Take care of yourself. I'm not surprised that you have a kid friendly house. You are such a big hearted person!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know about the great sew along! Sounds like fun! A wonderful white blouse is my favorite with jeans. Good luck. And I know what you mean about patterns-- I keep buying them!

Mary Beth said...

Gwen: I peeked at the CWC shirt and it looks like there are multiple rows of stitching holding down the pleats so that they flip over in unison. A(ren't these called "mexican pleats?" mumble, somewhere in my brain) Anyway, I have been wanting to make something using them. Perhaps you need to lessen the space between the stitches that tack the pleats down to make sure they are rolling along together.

Rhoto said...

"Sew something... Make a decision!!" That's what I DO/DON'T!! Tee! Hee!!
Have FUN with the sew-along!!
Soft hug,
Rhonda in Montreal (PR)

BConky said...

Well at least you have the color you want nailed down.

Rose said...

In MHO, don't fight the sewing vibes! The right decision will come to you. Ah...a fellow pattern stasher. Yea, like I will make them all (lol).

Jean said...

You have a lot of really nice patterns! Sometimes the ideas and inspiration need to marinate in your mind for a while. No need to rush!

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