Thursday, September 30, 2010

Currently Sewing---

Fall is my favorite time of year.   Sorry summer lovers.  Since our weather in MI has cooled down, I've had a burst of sewing energy. This is what I'm working on.

I made this short-sleeve jacket last year, out of a black/white houndstooth.  I had, in my stash, this piece of olive/loden green left over from a failed project.  There was just enough for this jacket.  I'm making the hip-length version, and adding a lining. 

I have a dark, dark loden green for pants to match.  There's enough of the loden green to also make a jacket, so I pulled this pattern to think about.

Carolyn made this a while ago.   I'm going to have to go back and search her posts for it.  Diana lengthened this pattern to coat length, and it is just fabulous.  I'm so glad to have a couple of awesome sewists to review posts for this jacket. 

I belong to a couple of really good sewing groups.  Needlework and Textile Guild of MI had a two-day workshop on Surface Design.  Our instructor was so talented.  We painted fabric, and stamped it in the most awesome ways.  We started with a blank piece of solid fabric, and by using various stamps, covered the entire surface with print.  Lots of fun.  Next month, there's a two-day knitting workshop.  It's called "Tecture in Knitting".  Can't wait.

Creative Clothing Club has 400 members. There's around 100 plus attending each meeting.  This month, the program was about patterns.  We had a nice demo and talk by someone who uses pattern-making software.  The one she uses is WildGinger Pattern Master Botique.  She had contacted the company before her lecture, and they sent demo versions on CDs--enough for each of us.  You can get a free demo online, also.  I've played with it, and it's fun.  Oh, and the "show and tell" at this meeting is fabulous!

Off to catch up on your blogs.  Sew much!


37 Talk to me:

Karin said...

Your short jacket will be just the right thing for this time of year. I am interested to see your trousers as well. How nice to have sewing groups where you can meet up with people and learn new things.

sewistafashionista said...

The jacket with the back swing looks like a lot of fun. Can't wait to see the finished pieces!

Bunny said...

The fabrics will coordinate into a great outfit and look super with your red hair.

Your guild meetings sound like so much fun.

KID, MD said...

I remember your houndstooth version of that jacket - so fun! It sounds like you have some great things lined up. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experience with Wild Ginger.

Rose said...

I have both of the patterns. I love both of them, but don't have any immediate plans for them - yet. Your plans sound terrific. Sewing groups are so much fun and your groups sound inspiring.

~ Kimberlee B ~ said...

Wow, you have some nice picks! Can't wait to see!

Julia said...

Can't wait to see these completed. I remember the black/white from last year. Loved it!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Love the fabric.

Linda T said...

Oh how I wish I could go with you to the knitting seminar!

Digs said...

Great pattern picks, Gwen: I'm very much looking forward to your version of the big-collar VEV. I bet it'll be a beauty :))

Beth H said...

I keep getting McCall's 5941 out, looking at the jacket, and putting it back. Can't wait to see your new one, though I really like the houndstooth version with the red piping!

Michelle said...

I love that houndstooth fabric...I have a pink and black that is really similar, and I haven't thought of anything to sew with it yet. I'll be looking forward to seeing yours finished!

Lina said...

Love the fabric and can't wait to see the finished garments.Thanks for the "WildGinger" info.

Sheila said...

That is a lovely print for that jacket and I am also a fall lover... so glad the heat spell is over.

Sister said...

How fun to have groups like that - wish I had something around here. Love the jacket pattern!

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