Sunday, March 27, 2011

JAM #4, Done

I'm going to try to post the photo.  See what happens.  Something is wrong with my Picassa album.

This cardi is super easy, beginner type sewing.  It's made, altering a TNT T-shirt pattern. First, I traced a Tshirt pattern, large enough to go over other garments.  The T-shirt pattern is split down the middle of the front. I made a diagonal line from the CF at bust-level to the shoulder, making a v- neckline.  The front and neckline are bound. Added ties and 1/4" shoulder pads.

I've made this pattern in the past, using Interlock and Jersey.  This fabric is poly/lycra and a real pain to handle. I see knit top after knit top cranked out of this type of fabric.  I don't know how others seem to work on it wihtout a hitch.  It's slippery,  slinky. And it loves to curl and twist.   I made 2" hems at the bottom and sleeves, and fused them with 2" strips of SteamASeam.  Then top-stitched the hems.  That added weight and stiffness so the hems don't curl up.  I hand-basted the binding so the presser foot didn't cause any stretching of the binding, making ripples. Even then, I used an even-feed foot to do the final sewing.

The  cardi turned out okay, despite the frustrations of the material.  I like these in the spring/summer, because they are lightweight, and good when you need a little something.  I have another piece of this poly/lycra to turn into this cardi, and then I vow to never buy any more of it.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute! It matches my handbag. :)

Linda T

Lisa said...

Very nice print , I bet you look fabulous in this .

Beth H said...

Oh nice! It looks perfect, and everyone would think *you* work on it without a hitch!

Dr. Fun (AKA Sister) said...

Ooh, love that fabric - looks awesome!

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