Monday, February 28, 2011

JAM #3 In Progress

If you've been following the JAM at Stitcher's Guild, you know there are a lot of beautiful jackets posted already, and this is only the end of February.  Those gals are focused and sewing marathons!

I've worked up the pattern for my JAM #3.  It is an OOP pattern, S2107.  I'm using a soft, pretty yellow poly/rayon fabric, and a tone-on-tone silky for the lining.  And, here it is.

Even though there's another good six weeks left of wintry type weather, I'm going to sew something for spring. Right now.  Doesn't hurt to get a head- start on the next season, especially when one sews at a snail's pace. 

By the way, there's a  new book on the block.  If you like the "Built by Wendy" books, she has a new release.  It's "Coats and Jackets"

I looked this book over at the bookstore.  There are three patterns included:  patterns are for a fitted jacket, a boxy jacket with a raglan sleeve, and a coat.  She shows a lot of ways to change those patterns up to make several versions of each pattern.  I may buy it.  It's worth taking a look.

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Rose said...

I like your JAM#3 pattern and fabric! I'm working on the lining for my JAM#2 so it should be done soon.

Karin said...

I want to sew for Spring too! I am trying to will Spring foward :-)

The book sounds interesting, I will look out for it.

Julia said...

ohhhh, I'm in love with your fabric!!!!!!

Kyle said...

A Project Runway pattern is already OOP? wow!
You are doing great with the jackets!
Also I will have to check out that bbw book!

a little sewing said...

Oh I like the looks of that book! Love your bright spring fabric.

kathysews said...

I love, love, love yellow! Great choice. I think the lining might be too pretty to hide.... can't wait to see the result.

Sew Passionista said...

Gwen ,so sorry to hear about your husband's stroke and so glad to hear he is doing better.God bless you both.

j.kaori said...

Great color choice, as usual! Thanks for the info about the book as well --- I'll have to check it out.

Rosy said...

Love, love your fabric! Bright yellow is best for the prelude to spring, I can not wait to see your work.

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