Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Little Bits Done

Moving at my usual snail's pace, I am finally sewing on the jacket.  Yay!  I'm underlining this wool crepe with batiste.  It takes time to hand-baste the underlining, but time well spent.  I'm fusing interfacing to the underlining, which will prevent the crepe from collapsing from the fusing.   Also, I will hem to the underlining only, so there won't be an "pick marks" showing on the garment right side. 

Here, I've fused a 2" strip of interfacing at the hem of the batiste and am basting it to the wool.

I sew all my small pieces first--collars, cuffs, etc., so they are ready to sew to the garment when I'm at a point to need them.  I've made pocket flaps, sleeve bands, a back band and collar.  I'm top-stitching, using 2 strands of matching thread.  I have one machine set up just for top-stitching.  Here's the pocket flaps.

Now, those are totally boring pictures.  But--it's what I've done so far.  More later.

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Karin said...

Your top stitching looks perfect. Did you have a special foot with a seam guide (sort of like a quilting 1/4 inch foot)? Or a double needle?

Fran said...

I agree -- your top stitching is perfection. I like the idea of finishing off the small pieces first. I underlined for the first time a few months ago and really liked it -- it does take time, but is gratifying.

Anonymous said...

Your post answered a question for me. One of
Y planned jackets is wool crepe and I wondered if batiste is stable enough for underlining. If you're doing it, it must be ok! Looking forward to your progress.

Anne LO said...

Did the fabric shrink when you steamed it?

Rose said...

Your "little bits" look good! Keep rolling!!

Cennetta said...


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