Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bead Release Me, Let Me Go

I went to an AM Lecture, PM Workshop at Needlework & Textile Guild of Michigan. The speaker was Christine Reilly of http://fireflybead.com/. Christine does magnificent things with beads. Her primary focus is bead embroidery. Her work has been featured in magazines such as Piecework, and she's sold wholesale to catalog companies, such as Mary Maxim, etc. (her website is just starting, and not up and running quite yet).

Christine was based in Michigan for many years, but moved to Tennessee four years ago. Michigan misses her. She is very well-known in the embroidery arts in this state.

She came back to our fair state to teach at our guild. We're making a beaded evening bag. This is a photograph of her bag:

The photo doesn't do it justice. There is beaded netting with beaded fringe on the bottom edge. There are crystals attached to the bag with beads using a technique called "crown rim setting". It's a beautiful piece of art.

The workshop was just great. I totally enjoyed the day. And the best part--I get to go back and do it again tomorrow!

Sewing-wise, I have a holiday project almost completed. I have to get to a fabric store to pick up an item to finish it. I cannot post it for another month. Also, I made two 3/4 sleeve length T's. One black, one navy. No need to post a photo of a black and blue T-shirt. Still, that's what I need in my wardrobe right now. I ordered a couple of pieces of fabric from http://www.thefabricfairy.com/ to make more. I like cotton/lycra fairly well for t's. I don't like rayon/lycra or poly/lycra. In fact, I don't like lycra at all. But I can tolerate it blended with cotton.

I've been busy, but have nothing to show for it at this time. The holidays are coming up fast and there are a couple of "gifty" things I want to get sewn right away.

Off to bed for me. 5:00 AM comes early!

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Unknown said...

I saw some beaded bag kits at the Expo, and thought they were gorgeous... and must be so much work! Good luck with yours, I'm eager to hear about the whole experience!

Julia said...

Maybe you can come to a workshop she does in TN sometime! You have been a very good student of hers. Your work is gorgeous, too.

Susan said...

Love it, love it, love it! I bought a kit for an evening back almost 10 years ago, but never took the leap.

Uta said...

I'm a bit jealous of the wonderful workshops and meetings you have in the U.S. And why not post a well-fitting tee? I would! As always, I'm looking forward to when you unveil your project!

Rose said...

I can see how gorgeous that evening bag is! It makes me want to see get back into beading. Happy sewing!

Jean said...

How fun! I hope you enjoyed the class --- I'm sure we'll see some wonderful beading projects from you in the future!

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