Thursday, April 9, 2009

Patterns Please

I had a dental appointment today. That is one of my least favorite ways to spend time. Even though it was uneventful, I was anxious. My hygienist is gentle and she tries to lessen my uneasiness. Still---

To get rid of the stress, I had to make a trip to Jo's afterward for Simplicity patterns on-sale. This is what I bought: 2701, 2812, 2728, 3833 and 3559.

made 2701--a retro-inspired jacket. She made hers in a white fabric of unknown fiber. It's delicious.

Seeing patterns made by real people for real people is one of the perks of reading blogs. Line drawings on patterns are so often misleading. Photographs on pattern envelopes are a better representation, but of course, the garments are modeled by--well, models.

The three jacket/coat patterns are inspired by Project Runway (and cannot wait until that show airs again).

The two dress patterns are retro-inspired-both 1960 era. I wore those dresses during those years! The hair and make-up was bizarre, as I think back. Huge hair--bouffant and held with tons of lacquer. Lots of black eyeshadow and liner with wings extending from the outer lashes. White lipstick. Dracula's wife lived. And thought she was so glamorous!

No sewing for a couple of days. I'll get back at it ASAP.

Happy sewing everyone!

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Julia said...

I wore the 3559 style a lot in the 60s too. I remember one that was orange and another that was hot pink. I wore my hair in a flip!!! Short, short, short dresses!!! They wouldn't let kids wear them that short to school now. Obscene!! Loved those dresses!!

Ann Made Studio said...

Nice patterns. I have the 3833 pattern. I love that dress. (I didn't wear these in the 60's, I was born "62". :)) but I love the 60's styles.

Little Hunting Creek said...

I love new patterns, even though I was just a kid in the 60's, I thought the styles were so glamorous!

AmeliaSews said...

Great patterns! I especially like the jacket on the left.

Enjoy your weekend!

Faye Lewis said...

Love your pattern picks.

Jean said...

Fun patterns!

knitmachinequeen (KMQ) said...

Gwen I have a couple of the Project Runway patterns you have pictured. Maybe we should do a Sew-A-Long!

Cennetta said...

Gwen, Thanks for the trip down memory lane. lol You have some nice patterns. I think I have two of them. Happy Sewing!

QueenSH said...

I am sure you will have alot of fun with these patterns!

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